Plant specialist Romeo Sommers

Romeo Sommers met Intenz concepten
Amanda van Paassen
Amanda van Paassen

November is always dominated by the pleasant Margriet Winter Fair. This will be held in the Brabant Hallen in Den Bosch. During this Winter Fair you will get into the festive mood with all the inspiration you can get for these dark days before Christmas.

The nicest Christmas decorations and party outfits can be found there. Fashion shows, performances by famous artists, but also workshops in the Margriet Kookstudio or a meeting with writers and columnists in the Margriet Huis.

During the Margriet Winter Fair, Romeo told visitors more about hydroponics, beautiful home accessories with lighting under the glass that beautifully highlights the roots and adds atmosphere to your home.

Intenz Hydroponics concepts

Who is Romeo Sommers?

Some of you know Romeo Sommers from TV as a permanent green expert on Koffietijd on RTL4. Romeo brings atmosphere to the Winter Fair by creating a green paradise. A place where you can escape from the world outside for a while. The green paradise is completely full of plants. Plants that purify the air and ensure that you can relax and feel good. A green paradise full of inspiration, demonstrations, workshops and beautiful places for fun selfies with friends.

During the Margriet Winter Fair, Romeo gives three workshops every day with tips and tricks on how to optimally enjoy your plants, what the best potting soil is and which organic fertilizers are available. He tells you what a plant can do for you, and of course every participant goes home with a beautiful plant after the workshop.

Romeo Sommers with Intenz concepts

Hydroponics with lighting

Romeo also talks about Hydroponics, which are plants that grow in water. The roots of the plants get a special effect with the light that shines through the glass. The plant is easy to care for because you can see exactly whether the water needs to be refilled. Fill the glass with water to just below the stem of the plant, so that only the roots are submerged, so you can enjoy this beautiful concept for a long time.

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