House of Rituals Amsterdam

House of Rituals
Karin van der Eijk
Karin van der Eijk

More and more people are aware that it is important to integrate greenery into our living environment. This is also reflected in Rituals. She opened the House of Rituals in Amsterdam, with many plants.

The first Rituals flagship store is located in one of Amsterdam's most iconic buildings in the center on the Spui. Spread over two floors you will discover innovative, new and premium Rituals collections that are exclusively available on the website and in the House of Rituals Amsterdam.

An extraordinary brand experience in honor of the 20th anniversary where you discover diverse, unique collections. A personal journey that promotes your well-being. Because Rituals stands for adding beauty, luxury and more meaning to every aspect of your life. At home, where our body relaxes, your mind calms down and your soul finds satisfaction.

So cool to see how nature is integrated into Rituals' philosophy. “Every attempt to do a little more with nature in your daily life will have positive effects,” says Rituals.

Step into the world of soulful living.

House of Rituals

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Rituals is starting a movement to make people more aware, because when it comes to our stuff, we are the 'thank you, next' generation. When something breaks we throw it away, and when our products run out they go straight into the waste bin.

When it comes to the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), the first two are actually the most important, reduce and reuse. The mantra has always been 'we have to make do with what we have' and with a little bit of creativity we can get that mindset back. To get you started, Rituals offers ways to upcycle products:

Plant pot

Give your botanical beauties a stylish home by planting them in an empty candle holder. When the candle is finished, fill the holder with warm water to remove the candle wax. Place a plant in this pot and give your interior a different look with this combination.

Plant vase

The fragrance stick holders are perfect to use as a plant vase in between. The holders have different sizes so they can be used for both small and large plants. It's the perfect way to brighten up your bedside table, side table or dining table with hydroponics.


Rituals stands for making soothing rituals of daily actions. This also includes making your home cozy. This can be done by reusing the Rituals pots and vases. Intenz can supply refill plants for these plant pots and vases, check our webshop for more inspiration.

House of Rituals

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