Nomination for Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award

Nominatie Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs
Karin van der Eijk
Karin van der Eijk

We have been nominated for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award!

We are proud to have been nominated for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award 2024 This nomination is a crowning achievement of our 75th anniversary. We are extremely proud of our team. Chairman Michiel F. van Ginkel surprised Roobeek Group from Arcen, Stolk Brothers from Bergschenhoek, Iribov from Heerhugowaard and VDE plant from Woubrugge with a personal visit.

The Horticulture Entrepreneur Award Foundation awards this independent prize. The foundation has several goals with the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award, including:

- Putting entrepreneurship that is good and innovative in the spotlight.
- Emphasize positive developments within the horticultural sector.
- Reward entrepreneurs and their companies for excellent performance.
- Encourage entrepreneurs to be innovative.
“We have done a lot in recent years in the field of innovation, new products and sustainability. We are extremely proud of our team, which is why this nomination is really a crowning achievement for our 75th anniversary.” Said Hein, Karin and Edwin.

VDE plans management

This is truly fantastic recognition for everyone within VDE plant and for all the companies we work with! VDE plant has been nominated by Royal Flora Holland and Greenport Aalsmeer .
See the video here and how we were surprised by the jury Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award 2024 Jury verdict: VDE Plant scores on creativity, innovation and positioning.

Now it's the jury's turn! Through company visits and interviews, they will determine the ultimate winner of the 2024 Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award. On Wednesday, March 6, they will announce who can call themselves the 2024 winners during a festive event in Greenport Aalsmeer. Exciting!

Jury verdict on VDE Plant: “VDE Plant is a family business and has been active since 1948. You grow tropical and air-purifying plants in an environmentally friendly manner. The jury believes that you score well on creativity, innovation and positioning. You also attach great importance to sustainability, you always take small but very achievable steps and that is commendable. You are also committed / visible in the sector.”

VDE plans management

Why are we so happy with this nomination?

About 10 years ago we were in the middle of the greenhouse horticulture crisis, like many others. Our company had just made a huge investment to be prepared for a sustainable future . We expanded our greenhouse complex, implemented automation and purchased a CHP to use the heat released during power generation in the greenhouses. Then came the global financial crisis.

The trust of our employees, suppliers and the (Rabo) bank provided an enormous boost to our entrepreneurial spirit, which allowed us to get through it. The greenhouses, automation and cultivation process were up to date due to the investments we had made, which allowed us to see opportunities.

We focused on product development and innovation, with new plant varieties in our range. We also developed a new part within our company: Hydroponics .

Together with our employees and a financial advisor, we put the ship back on course and moved forward full throttle. Despite the corona crisis, we were able to invest again in new screen cloths, an e-boiler, 2nd condenser on the CHP, dehumidifiers and we replaced a large part of the greenhouse roof. All these investments ensure that we use less and less energy.

VDE plans management


Today we face new challenges. The energy transition and sustainability , ( ) along with issues such as short-term viability and long-term strategy and continuity in a rapidly changing environment.

Things that we have to participate in, but also want to actively contribute to. The cost price increase resulting from the sustainability transition is our biggest challenge. By responding flexibly to the possibilities of the energy market as a greenhouse horticulture sector, we are an important player in the national energy transition.

A healthy, sustainable and innovative horticultural sector will remain essential for the Dutch economy in the future. Innovation is aimed at producing with respect for the earth, minimizing the use of raw materials and paying attention to people and the environment.

In short, the horticultural sector is a very innovative sector. The Horticulture Entrepreneur Award makes the professionalism of our sector visible.

Photos were taken for the Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award by Fotostudio Vlekke.

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