Philodendron White Wave | 30cm | including white ceramic pot 12cm | Jungle

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Bring the deep, mysterious beauty of the jungle to your home with the Philodendron White Wave of 30cm. This plant is mysterious because the new leaf is always green and as the leaf ages, different green and white shades develop in the leaves. It comes in a matching elegant white ceramic pot with a matte finish. Place this Philodendron White Wave in a place with sufficient light and admire its colorful transformation. With this plant you add a touch of jungle splendor to your interior.
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Wat maak de Philodendron White Wave | 30cm | including white ceramic pot 12cm | Jungle speciaal?

Verzorging van de Philodendron White Wave | 30cm | including white ceramic pot 12cm | Jungle

Place me in a bright spot, but preferably not in full sun.


I like water, but not too much. Watering a little once a week is sufficient. Once a month please give me a little food.

Plant grootte

My height is about 30cm, width 25cm.

Extra tip

Feel my soil regularly. When you notice that it is becoming drier, water it again. In winter I use less water, so adjust the watering accordingly.

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