How do plants bring you into balance?

Planten brengen je in balans
Lida Sjoerdsma-Visser
Lida Sjoerdsma-Visser

The Zen lifestyle is clarity. It involves looking beyond our materialism and learning to value our individual selves. It is a mystery what our lives benefit both our brains and our bodies.
If you need to 'find your zen mode', everyone will understand that you mean that you need to get some rest. Being Zen has become an expression. It is associated with feeling good, with wellness, with spa centers.

Plants bring you balance

Relaxing experience in your interior

This way of life also includes design. For this way of life we ​​have created the Zen Collection that you can easily integrate into your daily life. Whatever season it is, it brings balance to your interior. Breathe in and breathe out and surrender. Let your thoughts become silent and feel the tranquility of the environment around you.
Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking through nature. That trees and vegetation are in balance with scents and sounds of birds. Can you also say this about your home decorations? Is your home decoration in balance? With this collection, consisting of natural materials, we want to bring balance to your interior.

Plants and natural materials

With the Zen collection we create a soothing experience in your interior. Over the years, nature and gardens became Zen zones in Asia. Plants play a major role in this way of life. The whisper of the wind, birdsong and of course plants with their various colors and leaf variations.
Within the Zen collection we translate the experience of nature into trends in home decoration. We combine the concrete look with glass and water, which symbolizes stability and a source of life.
By combining water and glass we create a zoom effect on the roots of the plant. A reflection of your personal roots, where you come from and where you want to go in the growth process of life.
Just like this plant, grow in balance with the world around you. Be inspired by nature and the tranquility of Zen. Look at the plants in this collection and the shapes created for this collection to create a more spiritual way of thinking.

Plants bring you balance

Get in balance

This collection revolutionizes the way of thinking about interior decoration. It's about the feeling of balance. This is what we want to achieve with our Zen collection.
Zen is seen as a way of life, the ultimate form of relaxation. Everything with purity and appropriate elegance, balance of shapes and materials. Bring purity and appropriate elegance into your interior with the Zen collection. The Zen collection offers a balance of shapes and materials in line with a Zen garden, applicable to your living conditions and interior.
A functional unity with greenery can also be achieved in smaller spaces. In combination with natural products such as concrete and glass, according to the principles of Zen.

Plants bring you balance

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