Intenz Concept Store

Intenz Concept Store
Edwin van der Eijk
Edwin van der Eijk

A Concept Store within a nursery? Exactly yes! We want to show interior enthusiasts what you can do with plants! Plants with a history and a story are a beautiful connection in the green lifestyle. Because a house is only a home when you can really relax there.

Our company develops many fun concepts that we want to test and about which we would like to discuss with consumers. Plants are much more than just a beautiful addition to the interior. Plants bring life and make people happy and healthy.

Intenz Concept Store

Immerse yourself in the world of tropical plants

In our Concept Store we sell regular plants (with soil), plants with Hydroponics (on water) and plant concepts under the Intenz brand. During the week we inspire our customers from the specialist trade in the Concept Store and on Saturdays we are open to consumers.

In our Intenz Concept Store you will find special plant varieties and Hydroponics concepts with lighting so that the roots stand out beautifully.

Intenz Concept Store

Connection with nature

We notice that the connection with nature is more important than ever among consumers and we are happy to discuss this with the people who buy our plants. Consumers want to share impressions and know more about what they see and buy, including how they are grown. People can also contact us with questions about the care of plants, because even if you don't have green fingers, plants (with some tips here and there) are an addition to your interior. We are always developing new concepts that we present and test in our Concept Store. This means you always have the latest developments in our plants and concepts in the Concept Store.

At our nursery we enjoy growing and processing our plants every day. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in pure, clean air and the role that different houseplants can play in this regard. We can make a significant contribution to this with our plants. We do this by telling you about what plants can do for you. The quality of the indoor air, such as in the living room, office and classroom, is of great importance for our health, fitness and well-being.


Have you become curious? Then come to our Concept Store and experience the atmosphere of plants. Just run your hand over the leaf, be amazed by the special growth habit of a plant, the story about biological control, the beautiful glassware that we add to the plants, the smell of fresh plants... for a moment you imagine yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the tropics!

We hope to see you in our Concept Store!

Every Saturday from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM, Oudendijkseweg 5, Woubrugge

Intenz Concept Store

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