When I grow up I will become a plant grower

YouTube kanaal Later als ik Groot ben
Edwin van der Eijk
Edwin van der Eijk

In the YouTube program Later when I grow up, Anna (11) and Rein spend a day working as a plant grower in our nursery.

Anna and her dream job: plant grower

Every now and then there are those meetings at the company that you will not soon forget. Because of the people, the reason or the result. The visit of 11-year-old Anna de Groot scored on all three. She visited us for a day together with a film crew from the popular YouTube channel Later als ik ben Groot . In any case, we will never forget it, because we have the episode that will be online from today.

YouTube channel Later when I grow up


What a fun day that was! Anna came by because she wants to become a plant grower when she grows up. And that turned out not to be just a wild idea. Besides already knowing a lot about plants, she was full of questions.

You could call her curious. She wanted to know everything: how the plants grow in the greenhouses and what is involved, about innovations, light, heat, water and biological control. She was surprised by the drones flying around our greenhouses. And she became visibly happy when creating the Hydroponics concepts, working with plants and beautiful vases.

Plants and nature

Together with colleague Bjorn Hoogeveen, I showed Anna and presenter, singer and GTST actor Rein van Duivenboden our company. We talked about our own passion, how much fun it is to work with plants and nature. And that everyone feels better in a green environment, that plants around you give you peace, at home, at school and at work.

YouTube channel: Later when I grow up

YouTube channel Later when I grow up

Later when I grow up is a popular YouTube channel for young people between the ages of 9 and 14. In each episode, one gets the chance to try out their own dream job for a day. The more than a hundred professions on the channel have already been viewed more than 10 million times! Now that of a plant grower has been added to the series. In collaboration with the Flower Council of Holland, we have been able to provide a fun and educational insight into the floriculture sector.
Watch the video here: Later when I grow up
This fun collaboration was made possible by the Flower Council of Holland

YouTube channel Later when I grow up

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