Groenfluencers: green Instagram accounts

Groenfluencers: groene Instagram accounts - intenz
Edwin van der Eijk
Edwin van der Eijk

Plants are hip! Of course, that doesn't surprise us. Many people have their living room full of all kinds of green plants. There are influencers who are happy to show this to their followers. It's great fun to follow these influencers, if only to get inspiration for your own green living room.

To prevent you from not seeing the forest for the trees, we have selected a number of green-loving Instagram influencers for you. Our tip is to follow these people. Because they show beautiful images, have the best tips or simply because they are real plant lovers. Like us!

A thousand plants!

@homesteadbrooklyn - Influencer Summer Rayne Oakes calls her Instagram account educational. She wrote the book “How to make a plant love you”, according to her plants open the gate to a better life. In her New York apartment she has more than a thousand plants, all of which she keeps alive with love. The greenery splashes from her account and provides a lot of inspiration for a lifestyle with many plants.

Therapeutic benefits

Hilton Carter also wrote a number of books about green. In one of them, “Living Wild,” Hilton talks about the therapeutic benefits of plants. In “The Propagation Handbook,” Hilton reveals how to propagate plants. On his Instagram he mainly shows how green can be a valuable addition to your interior. Hilton also has a podcast and it's just as worthwhile!

Colorful and botanical

Christopher Griffin's Instagram account is quite colorful. And while the queer femme from Brooklyn has an obsession with botany and greenery. Plant quince shows this in a rather lush way. Follow this account especially if you are looking for more cheerfulness. And of course tips for caring for your plants.

Plant love
Let us also recommend a Dutch account! For example, Mama Botanica's account. This influencer also has a number of books to her name. She writes for both beginners and advanced students and also for children. We especially applaud the latter: love of plants cannot start early enough. On her Instagram you can see how to turn your home into a plant paradise. The plant love radiates from the pages and your hands are itching to get started with your own plants. Or buy new ones!

Special plants

By working with plants during a difficult period in her life, Angela felt a lot of positivity and peace. With Casa Botanica, Angela also wants you to experience how nice it is to have plants around you. She introduces you to the most special houseplants and teaches you about their care. She is always looking for special plant varieties that she sells in her webshop. These plants are hardly available anywhere else, so she regularly delights her followers with her latest finds!

Are you already following our Instagram account?

Finally, we recommend our own account: Here we not only show our passion for green plants, you also get a glimpse into the cultivation process. For example, with photos straight from the greenhouse and with detailed photos of our beautiful plants, their leaves or other details. We want to inspire you and show you how beautiful and special our own plants are.

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