Houseplants fresh from the nursery to your home

Planten vers van de kwekerij
Amanda van Paassen
Amanda van Paassen

Our plants can now also be ordered online by consumers. Fresh from the grower, but what does this actually mean? A houseplant often travels a long way before reaching the consumer. But not with us! Because we grow everything in one location, our special houseplants are quickly collected and can (in most cases) be shipped the same day. This way you can quickly enjoy the most beautiful houseplants fresh from our nursery.

Family business

VDE plant is a family business that has been lovingly growing plants for more than 75 years. The name VDE stands for Van der Eijk, the surname of the founder of our nursery. The third generation is now at the helm and we sell our green houseplants under the Intenz brand. We are proud of our rich history and continue to develop to grow the best plants.

Plants fresh from the nursery


Our grandfather and grandmother started growing vegetables and flowers in 1948. Since then, 'continuing to develop together' has been central to our company. The next generation, Teun (our father) and Bert (our uncle), switched to growing indoor plants and automating the processes in the greenhouse.

The third generation has been at the helm since the early 1990s, Karin and Edwin with their partner Hein. They have introduced many green plant concepts, cultivated unique and special plant species and introduced the attractive Hydroponics, or plants on water.

Due to our passion for plants, we continue to develop and have become specialists in growing special tropical houseplants and plant concepts. Whether you are looking for shade plants, bathroom plants or air purifying plants, take a look at our webshop and quickly enjoy the most beautiful plants in your home!

Cultivation process

We grow a wide range of green houseplants in our modern greenhouses. With more than 75 years of experience, modern cultivation techniques and an innovative view of plant cultivation, we can guarantee a stable supply with the highest quality. We visually monitor the greenhouse daily and measure how the plants grow and keep an eye on them for stress and/or deficiencies. After all, it is life, this beautiful piece of nature.

We strive for a natural balance in the greenhouse. Diseases and pests are tackled in a biological manner. For example, if we see aphids or thrips, we use natural enemies to combat the pest.

We use water sparingly. When it rains, we collect the water and use it for our green plants. We have been reusing the water we give to our plants since the early 1990s. This allows us to save on water and nutrients. We sample the water that returns from the plants and base the feeding schedules on that. We give what the plant asks for and take soil samples to see whether the potting soil is in balance. In this way we create strong plants that can withstand a blow.

Due to our passion for plants, we optimize the plants and study the growth process. This makes our profession interesting.

If you choose plants that come fresh from the grower, like ours, you are assured of the highest quality and the strongest plants .

Plants fresh from the nursery


We continue to improve and respond to the current market and trends with a varied offering. New plants are carefully tested for shelf life, ornamental value and added value. We keep the selection of easy houseplants in mind so that it is fun to place plants in the house even for people without green fingers. On our website you can buy houseplants and you will find various tips about watering, the right location, nutrition, etc. Of course, ordering a plant is very easy in our webshop.

Making it more sustainable

Sustainability is a common thread within our company. In 1970 we were one of the first growers to switch from heating the greenhouse with coal to natural gas. Since then, we no longer build glass greenhouses, but greenhouses made of insulating plates. This innovative choice has led to an energy saving of 30% compared to a glass greenhouse. We are proud of these sustainable steps and hope to set an example for other growers who also want to contribute to a more sustainable future.

After this, many innovations have been applied within our company, read more about them here.

Plants fresh from the nursery


At Intenz we have a passion for plants. We believe that plants symbolize nature and life. The beauty of plants is not only in the leaves, but also in the roots of the plant. With so much passion for plants and for seeing plants grow, we wanted to make it more visible. After years of discovering, testing and improving, we have developed a range of Hydroponic plant concepts . The growth and development of plants is also visible in this way, you see the roots growing and developing in the water!


In addition to our passion for growing plants, we at Intenz also want to be a reliable supplier and source of inspiration for plant shops, florists and garden centers. We do this via our website and on our social media channels. We share photos of special houseplants in an attractive environment to show the many possibilities with plants. We hope to inspire others to also choose sustainable and innovative solutions for plant cultivation.

Buy houseplants

The most beautiful green plant is selected especially for you. So sent directly from our greenhouse to you.

Plants fresh from the nursery

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