Living with greenery is healthy

Leven met groen is gezond
Lida Sjoerdsma-Visser
Lida Sjoerdsma-Visser

Green lifestyle: you quickly feel at home in a room with houseplants. Greenery creates a positive atmosphere, it gives you mountains of energy and air-purifying plants are also good for you when you have to think hard. Even buying a plant creates a feeling of happiness. We have known it for a long time: green is not a trend, green is a lifestyle!

Wherever you look, there is green

A living room without plants is like a cup without coffee. It is not without reason that an architect almost always includes greenery in his design. Without houseplants you see a room with furniture. With houseplants you create a cozy living room. And where you used to only see furniture and home accessories at a home fair, the stands are now also full of greenery. This is not just because people like to see a total picture, it is because of the positive vibe that comes from houseplants. Plants bring life to any space.

Living with greenery is healthy

The connection with nature

Where does our love for green come from? Almost every person likes to be in nature. Yet people do not take enough time for it. We are busy, have a lot of work to do or when it rains we don't feel like going outside. That makes us lose the connection with nature a bit. If you think about your childhood memories, you will probably discover that many of these memories have to do with nature. If you have ever experienced stress, you know that going offline in a green environment does a lot for you. Many stimuli make us very tired, while green ensures that you are completely recharged. Do you feel tense? Take a daily walk, then listen to the birds. Smell the freshly cut grass. Check the buds from the plants in the spring and the leaves from the trees in the fall. Marvel. Greenery can be found in every living environment, no matter how urban it is. Visiting green areas close to home – where you can go by foot – is also very sustainable. And take the children with you, so that they too can make green childhood memories.

Green is not a trend, it is a lifestyle

If you immerse yourself in greenery every now and then, you experience the peace that nature brings. Actually, the same applies to the plants in your living room. If you notice that you feel very good about it, go buy plants. See if you have the space to create a green corner: your own urban jungle. A place in your house where there are so many indoor plants that you can completely relax. Where you can meditate or simply sit down with a good book. It is not without reason that it has been proven that a green office increases employee production. The purifying effect of air-purifying plants ensures that you stay fresh and work productively. In short: green is healthy and plants reduce stress.

Now our motto may be that green is not a trend but a lifestyle, but that does not mean that there are no trends in green. Do you want to buy plants? Then let yourself be inspired by our offer!

Living with greenery is healthy

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