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Karin van der Eijk
Karin van der Eijk

At Intenz we embrace nature and this comes together with the warmth of a family. Step into our world; Intenz is our brand with exclusive plants for a modern life. This brand was developed by our driven family business VDE plant in Woubrugge, a company with deep-rooted connections and generations of passionate growers.

Innovation and creativity run like a common thread through our family business. We follow developments around us and invest time and attention in product development all year round. This also applies to our concepts: together we develop a diverse Hydroponics range.

A good range is created through cooperation and enthusiasm from everyone involved in the production of our exclusive plants. We want to be the most inspiring lifestyle plant brand that inspires people every day to enjoy special plants. This is where we get our energy from.

Our love for plants

At a time when more people than ever live and work in the city, greenery is becoming increasingly important. We spend very little time outside, in nature. With our exclusive houseplants and plant concepts we bring a little bit of nature indoors.

A natural symphony comes to life in more than 12 hectares of tropical greenhouses. Here we nurture about forty different plant species, not only to create greenery, but to bring stories to life.

In our extensive greenhouses we work every day to realize our shared vision: creating moments of peace and beauty that enrich lives. While numbers may describe size, our true passion lies in the art that lies within every root, stem and leaf. Read more about our cultivation process here

Intenz is the brand of VDE plant

VDE plant is located in Woubrugge, a family business with more than 75 years of experience where various types of exclusive plants are lovingly grown. We grow and process approximately 8,000,000 plants every year on more than 12 hectares with 85 employees.

The vision of VDE plant comes together in our formula. We hold on to our insights and the choices we base on them. Key words here are Passionate, Dynamic, Flexible, Sustainable, Health, Innovative and Surprising.

We implement our vision in every part of our company and we are convinced that our strong formula is unique. We are innovative, grow flexibly and are virtually not dependent on others.

Constant innovation in combination with flexibility, adaptability, the way we collaborate with our employees, our place in society and a focus on continuity makes us unique as a family business.

Straight from the greenhouse

Our plants find their way to you, where you embrace their freshness, as well as the range of benefits that come from coming straight from our own greenhouse. Plants straight from the greenhouse offer significant benefits for green lovers.

First of all, they guarantee optimal freshness, because they come directly from a controlled and protected environment. This careful cultivation results in healthy, strong plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases, which leads to a longer lifespan and more enjoyment for you.

In addition , plants directly from the grower have a higher quality with thicker leaves and a sturdier growth structure. The optimized growing conditions in greenhouses lead to fewer pesticides and fertilizers, which is beneficial for the environment.

At Intenz we are more than a botanical oasis; we embody the dedication of a family. Every plant that leaves our greenhouse not only has the beauty of green, but also an abundance of benefits for you. Whether it's improving air quality, reducing stress, or increasing your productivity, our exclusive plant concepts add a sense of fulfillment to your lifestyle.

Would you like to know more about our commitment to sustainability? Read all about it on our 'Sustainability at Intenz' page.

Our mission towards a greener world

With our brand Intenz we contribute to a healthy, green lifestyle. We grow a large number of air-purifying plants, regularly update the range with new plant varieties and are innovative when it comes to plant concepts. All this in a sustainable, socially responsible way.

Plant trends

Planting in water, also called hydroponics, is the latest trend in plants. These plant concepts are easy to care for: you can easily see whether the plant needs water.


Hydroponics is sustainable, the plants last a long time because they continue to grow and develop in the water. If you want something different, or if you have beautiful glass in which you want to place a plant in water, this is easy to achieve. Order a cutting in water in our webshop.

Intenz is diverse and local

At Intenz we embrace diversity as our strength. In our Intenz family you will find people of different nationalities, who ensure that we offer an inclusive working environment. Our doors are open, not only to skilled hands, but also to those who long for connection. We are proud of our people.

Our roots are firmly anchored in the local community, where we thrive together. By supporting local events that are close to our hearts – whether it's about the passions of our employees or the beating heart of our village – we celebrate the bonds that unite us. The Ronald Moerings Foundation, linked to the Dutch Cancer Institute Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek, receives our unconditional support, while we contribute to nurturing lives outside our green oasis.


We would like to inspire you to do more with houseplants and help you if you have any questions about the exclusive plants that we grow. Information about these exclusive plants can be found on our website.

You are welcome to visit our Concept Store , which is open to consumers every Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. You will find the Concept Store at Oudendijkseweg 5 in Woubrugge.

Plants are not only fun, but contribute to a green, healthy lifestyle!

Photo taken by Fotostudio Vlekke for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award.

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