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  • De kracht van planten | Groen & Zorg - intenz

    The power of plants | Green & Care

    Green is more than beautiful. The Ronald Moerings Foundation and Royal Lemkes are joining forces to create a green oasis in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.
  • Leven met groen is gezond

    Living with greenery is healthy

    Discover how greenery not only beautifies your home, but also improves your health and well-being. Make green a lifestyle, not just a trend.
  • Pasen met kamerplanten

    Houseplants add Easter atmosphere

    Bring joy and spring into your home this Easter with our unique houseplants and Hydroponics concepts. A perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.
  • YouTube kanaal Later als ik Groot ben

    When I grow up I will become a plant grower

    Dive into Anna's dream day as a plant grower in 'Later when I grow up'. An inspiring insight into the plant sector. Watch & read now!
  • Planten vers van de kwekerij

    Houseplants fresh from the nursery to your home

    Experience the highest quality with our fresh from the grower houseplants. Green, healthy, and quickly to your home from our family nursery with more than 75 years of experience.
  • Uniekheid Clusia rosea Princess

    Uniqueness Clusia Princess

    Discover the versatile Clusia rosea Princess, known for its air purifying effect and unique growth in water. Get to know the future of green living.
  • Planten in de klas

    Why plants are important for good learning performance

    Discover the benefits of plants in educational spaces: from air purification to stimulating concentration and creativity in children. More green, better performance.
  • Onderzoek naar luchtzuiverende planten

    Plants that purify the air

    Learn how specific plants, such as the Clusia rosea Princess, contribute to a cleaner indoor climate by neutralizing harmful substances. Green for health and well-being.
  • Jungle vibe

    Why the Jungle vibe is good for you

    Experience the jungle vibe with our unique plant collection, inspired by the wilderness. Bring the beauty and diversity of the Jungle Collection into your interior.
  • Intenz Concept Store

    Intenz Concept Store

    Discover unique plant concepts and hydroponics at Intenz Concept Store. Increase the atmosphere and health of your home with our green solutions. Visit us!
  • House of Rituals

    House of Rituals Amsterdam

    Discover how House of Rituals in Amsterdam unites luxury and nature with unique green rituals from Intenz for the home. Make your home an oasis of well-being.
  • Clusia rosea Princess in de kas

    Everything you want to know about the Clusia rosea Princess

    Read all about the Clusia rosea Princess here. Discover the growth habit, flowering, care tips, and air purifying power of this unique plant.