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  • Directie VDE plant

    Welcome to Intenz, exclusive plants for modern living!

    At Intenz we embrace nature and this comes together with the warmth of a family. Step into our world; Intenz is our brand with exclusive plants for a modern life.
  • Nominatie Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs

    Nomination for Horticulture Entrepreneurship Award

    Discover how VDE Plant, a family business with a rich history, is celebrating innovation and sustainability in the horticultural sector with its nomination for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award 2024.
  • Nominatie Tuinbouwondernemersprijs


    Discover how we contribute to a sustainable future through corporate social responsibility and innovative cultivation. Read about Intenz's sustainability efforts.
  • Intenz Hydroponie

    The invention Hydroponics

    Be inspired by our Hydroponics concepts for a greener living environment. Visible roots and unique plants transform your home into an urban jungle.